“The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.”

John Adams 


Part One: In the Forge

The Resistance failed.


The War is over.


What was one has fractured.


After the war, the government set up Safe Haven Parks, idyllic places of rehabilitation for the downtrodden of society.  In these Parks, food is provided for the hungry, shelter to the homeless and education for those striving to pull themselves out of poverty.

At least, that is what they want you to think.



Like the rest of society, Suzanna paid little attention to the Park system.  She lived a safe life, always following the rules.  She had a steady job, lived in a Woman’s Building, went to church every Sunday and would never speak against the government until, suddenly, she is arrested for no reason.


Expecting to find a peaceful place of rebirth, when Suzanna is thrown into the Park she instead finds a brutal world of hunger and violence.  Completely alone and cut off from the outside world, Suzanna finds herself struggling for the basic necessities.


She Finds Herself Struggling for her Life.

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